Workshop Review - Aachen, Germany

by Roman aka jar

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It is time for another Painting Class Review.
This time i have been in Aachen, Germany.

What can I say? It has been a beautiful weekend... it still rings in my head and heart. As i often don't know how to start such a review i will do it in the well known order. First i want to thank Roman and Uli for the great organisation of the room and everything else around the class, many, many thanks to you both. Big thanks to Roman (yes, that guy has the same name like mine, haha) for a wonderful stay at his house and also for the complete care about my soul all the time. We didn't had much struggle because of your big Zen-Soul :)

Many thanks to those who did particpate - this class was completly filled with 20 participants and i want to thank everyone for their bravery to visit my class without knowing what might happen there. Thanks a lot for your nice feedback all around some german forums, really happy that everyone was happy and did learn at least something :) - if you want, feel invited to drop a line of your feedback here in the jungle, if possible in english, just for the english readers in here, would be highly recommanded by me after such a great feedback. Muchas Gracias to Uli for his german review, for all the helping hands at the class, for the cake and the cookies which guided my hunger away from Burger King and to some normal eating rations and times on Sunday, Many thanks also to Uwe for the "Special Piece Hirst-Arts Update" to my class collection.

The room we used was next to a church and belonged to the church areal and community, very thankful that we have been allowed to paint ugly martial little monsters there, on Sunday even the pastor took a visit and was very joyful about the meditative athmosphere he saw while 20 people did happy painting. Here you can see the place we occupied in full force with 21 people:

I did tell a lot about colours and stuff. I don't want to write it here in detail as i am doing it all the time in every review. Feel invited to the read the others here! It was pretty cool to see the journey every participant started with a first step from now on, in their mind and at their models - these "Ahhs!" and "Ooohhhs!" are those moments i enjoy the most during a class, haha. Some photos, made during the process of the whole weekend:

You might wonder why there are two other models than demonettes. Those who are particpipating again or for the third time are allowed to paint something else (i decide if they are already at this point by my own and have some minis with me). Yes, there are those crazy people who do this class over and over again, haha. Here you will find some photos of the final models everyone has done in this Beginner's Painting Class at one weekend, starting with painting on Saturday afternoon :) - i am completly speechless...

We even had a guest on Saturday and she is pretty new to miniature painting. After my blabla on Saturday about how to do it in my stlyle she did this in some hours during her visit - a pretty joy to look at and she promised me to stay on track with this kind of painting.

Here are those typicall group shots of all the participants and me. A truely fine weekend past by... not much left in the brains and battery energys, but they recharge, i promise... everything comes back with even more colours during your normal day ... it has been my pleasure to stay with you and hold the class...

Thanks to everyone who did donate his/her photos due to this review. Muchas Gracias for the complete weekend and your thrust in me :) - you will find the Aachen Painting Class review soon linked up in the Workshop Review link section.

Keep on happy painting, from the heart, from the soul only driven by joy - the rest comes in time by only doing it, rock your brush! :)

Best Regards


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