Win a Miniature - Celebrating the 400!

by Raffa

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400!!! What a nice number! Thank you all!!!
Some moments ago the 400th subscriber joined the painting jungle!

As it is almost some kind of tradition you get the chance to win a miniature again!

The mini you can win this time comes from Robert aka. muhani.
This nurse will help you getting back your painting spirit.
Thanks again to all the people that join the jungle and help it grow and spread the word.
This is how the jungle can exist and all the funny and weird inhabitants get happy :)

We really love our "community", lots of different faces, people, funny events and you grow with us as the uncreative, power-sucking, lame places of the life gets overgrown with inspiring jungle plants and new life! Your are the folks that seeds their ideas into the grey places and help to create new colors and places of peace and meditational painting joy.


So now to the tricky part... how to get this miniature?

You have to be a follower/subscriber of our jungleblog (check out on the right)
You have to be a fan of Massive Voodoo on Facebook: CLICK HERE

Write a mail to 'PICSTER(at)MASSIVEVOODOO(dot)COM' with the Subject 'MASSIVE GIFT' (important for me so i can sort out! Emails without this subject will be deleted) and your Username (on Facebook or as a Follower, so we can check it)

In about 2 Weeks (12th November 2010) i will randomly ( ) choose out one of the mails and this person will get the mini!

You don't have to pay shipping or anything, it's a completely free gift as a thanks!

Take your chance!

the Massive Voodoo Crew, UH UH UH AHHHHH!!! UHH?


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