Uh Uh Uhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa ahhh ahhh ahhhh!!!!! Games Day Review!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!!!

Phew... where to begin...
The last weeks we're a real adventure as i had a nice vacation in egypt making my divers licence and chilling with friends. Under the water i found great inspiration and inner calm. It was the most regenerating vacation i ever made (norway was close :) ).

I returned on friday and Kurt & Robert (muhani) already were in Augsburg, the next 2 days we're full of painting joy and fun although the big kong was really ill and so had to rest very much.

And then finally Sunday was there. Games Day time! It was really a big day for me and many others.
I'm still too dizzy to realize what happened, i can just tell it was a great day as i won two golden demons, one bronze demon and finally the slayer sword :)
Ben also won Gold with his great Nurgloch.

But the best of the day was to see all the known faces of the big painting family :)

So, give me some more days to relax and realize everything and i'll make another post with the Games Day Stuff :)
I also want to post some photos of my vacation, games day and some more stuff.... and i will also prepare a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig work in progress article with the slayer sword entry, my duel Hunter or Hunted :)



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