Massive Voodoo Surprise Box again!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

While i have been ill at home, thinking about life and its deeper meanings, listening to fine music, i've realized i have too much stuff around here...

I will pack another Jungle Suprise Box with tons of cool stuff, slowly while cleaning up my mess. There will be colours, Pigments, the baking soda i use for creating snow, basing stuff, for example like punched sheets, Work in Progress bases i will never finish, miniatures and other weird crazy gorilla stuff which you also can find used in the article section of the jungle.
When the parcel is finally packed you may have your chance to ebid it on ebay by a starting price of 0.99 USD. Guess that is fair...

Hope you like my weird idea - here is a shy first step of packing the box:

We had such a surprise box going on at our Birthday Present and Mario won it - he really was fascinated by its content, am i right, Mario?

Also we are slowly reaching 400 (!!) subscribers on the blog and there will be another painted miniature to be won for you, this time it is painted by Robert aka muhani, but i will show it to you when the 400 is done :)

Keep on happy painting!


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