Tutorial - Painting simple wood grain

by Roman aka jar

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This is again one of my older articles i now will translate into english. Nothing very special, but it feels good to post something more casual - i hope it helps the one or the other.
This time it is about painting wood grain in a simple way.

Always before painting something which also exists in nature, get your references - for example "wood grain on google pictures".

Colours i have used:
scorched brown (sb)
bestial brown (bb)
snakebite leather (sl)
bleached bone (blb)
chaos black (cb)

Priming has been black with some grey drybrushing. I used to do it this way 3~4 years ago. Today i would recommand this priming technique. Now here comes the object. As this is really a very old article please be nice with me about the result, haha. I did use some wooden veener to create these little place planked with wood. You can also use wooden veener to create roofing shingles.

The strange old priming method i have used made it look like this:

Now i put up a basecoat from schorched brown and after this was dry i put bestial brown on top of it:

Then i've used Snakebite Leather to draw the lines of wood grain.

I did some highlighting with snakebite leather + bleached bone on several spots of the wood grain lines:

For the finish i did put on a very thin glaze of schorched brown + a tip of chaos black to bring it all together:

Short, fast and easy article. Too easy? Maybe... but it's finally up to the jungle. This is a good example on how my first articles looked like. Hope you enjoy!

Keep on happy painting!


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