Duzi - my review

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

This weekend was the Duzi in Wesel, we started to drive to Wesel at 4.30. A really long way from Aichwald, a little Village near Stuttgart. It was a cool event, with many stores to buy miniatures, bases and stuff :D But there could have been some more painters. In the next year I want to see more of you!! :P 

We, my cousin and me, won in some categories. The categories itself confused me a bit, so  I entered my minis in first choice, because it was the first year there. But maybe.. I should have entered them in master. I say this because I never was a fan, if 1 person win, more then 2-3 prices :/ But don't get me wrong I am very happy with my DUZI's , just don't wanted to make an arrogant look.. an:)

My cousin is 12 years old, and he was the only person, who entered something in youngbloods, I think, the painting scene needs more young painters, I think the problem is that many kids, just don't know the hobby, I must think about what's to do versus this in the future :P

Overall a nice event, with many shops, nice engagement of the organizing team, nice prices and it was good to meet some friends, that I don't see very often. See you all at the events next year, I am thinking about some entries for diorama, duel... but much work.  That's always easy to say, and very hard to finish :D

I wanted to show you pictures of the different entries. I saw some really great works there, from Trull, Brenda Gosman, Amber (sorry, I didn't remember your names right)  and Thomas Woshh (sorry, I had to write this here :P ) and to the others, don't be angry with me, if I didn't wrote your names here. 

Best regards Oli

P.s It might be possible, that I can't post so much in the next time, because I have important exams soon. But I know, I that I can't leave my brushes for a longer time, and the jungle too, for sure  :)


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