Workshop Announcement - First Class in 2011

by Roman aka jar

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This time it is a DELUXE Class in in Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany. 

As nobody knows where Blumberg-Achdorf is here comes a little describtion:  1~2 hours with the car to Freiburg, Stuttgart, Konstanz, Lindau, Zürich and Basel.

What means DELUXE?
The class takes part in a little House were everyone can sleep and stay. Also there will be a cook who makes meals all time long for all of us. This adds a little amount of money on top of the class costs, but i guess this is deluxe :)

If you are intrested in taking part in this DELUXE class and have a great weekend with us follow this link to get all the information you need to know:
Click me big time!

The class is again only for german speakers. Dogs and cats are not allowed. Monkeys yes!


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