Hunter or Hunted - Games Day 2010

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

I finally got some time this morning to take pictures of my latest finished work: "Hunter or Hunted".
As most of you maybe already know it was my entry for this years german Golden Demon and it won the Slayer Sword and gold in the Duel category.
Other entries i had were the well known baal predator that won gold in the vehicle category and my squig hopper which i gave in in the diorama category due to base problems (i made the mini for the french games day where i could not participate).... it won bronze there.

It was a great day there seeing lot of nice works and meeting many great people!!!
I think this was the best thing of the whole day, many many people meeting at one spot and many of them love painting... a gathering of hobby nerds that love their brushes and minis :)
It was also a great fun and honor to paint at the Team Deutschland booth to demonstrate some quick base painting techniques... it's important to show the people that painting can also be fun and quick sometimes and is not always neccesary a science & math thing ;)

So here are the pictures, they aren't my best pictures but i will make some new ones with new light etc.... but at the moment they are all i could give you ;)

And some detail shots:

So i hope you like this duel and as a little fun thing i give you some WiP shots of the project :)

Hope you like 'em :)



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