My Plans for the jungle for the next weeks...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa dear jungle visitors!

After the latest painting class last weekend i will still be in some kind of vacation mode, also the next weekend will be full of action as 2 good friends from Austria, including Robert (muhani) are visiting us in Augsburg to travel to Colougne, Games Day Germany on Sunday. Therefore i write myself this little list on what i am planning to do.

I still got a lot of work to do around the blog itself, like updating the article section. I also have plans to make it a bit faster and give it less loading time. Will be done when the time is ready, until then i won't do any new articles, etc. as this stuff really has to be done to be out of the way to free the mind.

About the Painting Jams: There will be some "rules" update on how i can organize myself a bit more with all your questions, but this also comes when my mind is freed from weight.

Some packing and sending of miniatures and other stuff is also up to the list. So everyone who waits for a parcel of mine will soon be happy. Sorry for the delay.

Our next competition will also be organized in the next weeks from now on :)

So far...
Keep on happy painting!


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