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by Roman aka jar

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There is something happening inside me, i am going down again while being the "Ask me - i'll always answer- Guy"... there comes resistance from my soul again. I had these moments before - i know myself is a person that tries to help where it can but these days i have to stop again and calm down as my email paranoia strikes deep and i am not really a good help to anyone if i don't do it from the heart - these days i want to say sorry to everyone who did get no response from me or failed in reaching me... all that can help me now is love, sweet love and i am on track again after searching for her smell in her clothes... sweet love i miss you :)

So what? I need vacation of the internet, really hard. It destroys me these days while i have many things on my mind - i've tried to run and hide but there was no getting far if miniature painting is your work and you need the internet for your daily job. It is often only a feeling like i could do this and that for the Jungle or i got to answer these emails but i have no energy left. Sure my job is painting miniatures, not helping the whole world, noboby pays me for this task, but i'll try to do the best i can - no offense to anyone -  Ough, i am off for a while, really... i can't go much further - sorry to those who got answers these days but big Kong is taking some serious weeks off the blog and i am also slowing down my inet activity. I got to call my parents more often. Oh dear i am getting old and i have realized that i did not went into vacations for too many years now, only vacations have taken place at some friends who are related to miniatures, about 3 years now without a miniature break inside my brain... ouchy!

I did think about answering all the emails and private messages flying around in my mailboxes but i can't. I just can't - i need a break. This is not meant as any offence against those who did write me their thoughts and which i would love to help out with a few words, but i just can't - no power left... drrriiizzz, batteries are at a critical state... drriizzz... some weeks standby... drriiizzz ... no idea when i again can answer all your questions - the main problem is that typing words and thoughts into the internet costs a lot of time and who has time today? Be sure that there is no evil intension behind these steps... i will follow my only rule i've made for myself for MASSIVE VOODOO - i just write when my heart is with me and it is not these days when i feel i have to answer tons of mails...

Read you again when my mind relaxes on the shore, i'll take my time, so far keep on happy painting!


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