Death Company Space Marine finished...

by Roman aka jar

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I am still in a bad shape, still ill like hell - it seems it only hits me once a year with a bad cold and now i am struck down, but i did finish something for fun which i had started during sunday, where everyone went to the Games Day in Colougne and i did stay home. Here you can see the result - another Death Company Space Marine, which soon will go up to ebay:

Blood Angel Death Company Space Marine, 28 mm, Games Workshop

And i also did finish a comission work for the german Tabletopgame "Götterdämmerung". Remember these are not the official pictures, those will arrive soon, this is just a shot to show what i have done - some crazy big Supermutant, base will be done by the comissioner...

I now work on other projects, but mainly on getting well again ... i need another Tea & Honey now :)
Keep on happy painting!


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