Tutorial - Using the Masq Mini tube tool

by Mati

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Using the Masq Mini tube tool

Hey there fruity jungle friends ! Today I would like to show you a very brief tutorial on how to use the new and fantastic tube tool sold by masquerade miniatures.

First you will think....what do I need this for ? There are guitar strings and other alternatives BUUUUT you haven't seen what it can do yet !
I was totally amazed. And if you put a little braingrease to the whole thing you will even figure out how to do ammo belts and alike with this little magical tool.

You can use whatever putty you like, I would recommend using pro create or green stuff mainly though as sculpey tends to be a bit too soft and stuff like magic sculpy or milliput would probably leave too much dirt in the tool.

There are a few basic concepts you have to understand to work with the tool. The first is that you need a plain surface to work with it as you will have to use the edges to get regular results on your tubes.
The second one is that you are able to combine the different sizes and the plain and the ripped side of the tool to achieve very different results.
Pressure is another concept of the whole tube tool, very funky things can be done if pressure is applied just in the right moment.
Angles are another thing you can try when using the tool to do "snakechain" tubes for example.

So lets list them up shortly:

  1. plain surface
  2. combination
  3. pressure
  4. angles

So let's start with the basics....( I will mainly use the biggest of the tools to make it easier to see )

At first take yourself some putty and make a sausage, for this you can use the plain side of one of the tools to roll the putty on your working table.

Put the sausage onto one of the sides of the tool and make sure it is perpendicular to the table ( but don't be pedantic and start measuring ).
Now take the other half of the tool and start like this, make sure both tools are put plain on the table surface to achieve a very regular pattern on your tube.

The first tube is done and you think, hmmmm I'd like to have a tube with smooth rings and no riffles in it. Well, there are two ways to do so....
You can either take the sausage you have just rolled, put it on the table and give it a soft roll with the plain side of the tool or you can take a new sausage and repeat the first step I did just with the difference that the second half of the tool will be used ith the plain side instead.

The next thing to try would be tubes that have "scales" on them. This is possible too. Just take the tool and out a little sausage into it again. The second half of the tool will now be used again but this time I will turn it around 90° and use it this way. You basically do the same as with the last tube, you only turn the second half 90° and your results will be very different. This tube can be smoothened on the table with the plain side of the tool again if you don't want it to be that pointy.

At this point you can choose to twist the tube sausage slightly with your fingers if you want to, it will look like this if you do so:

Time for some combination experiments ? Oh yes it is. The next thing I want to show you is how you can combine the three different sizes easily to achieve some grade a banana freaky tubes.
I will use the finest side and put the sausage perpendicualr to its lines and use the second half from the biggest size turned around 90° again.

Only soft pressure is applied and here is the result:

Next I will try and do some "snake chains" by simply laying one half of the tool onto the table and putting a little sausage on it in a 45 ° angle.

With the second half and it's plain side I will give it a roll going from corner to corner this time without using the table. The result is a spiral of course:

Now If you want the snake tube you will have to turn the second half around and use its riffled side. So do this again and you will get a very nice snake chain style tube out of it.

Different pressure, angles and sizes of the tool give you very different results, so go on and try it out. It is a more than awesome tool and since I have it I passed countless hours playing around with it. However this short tutorial is just touching the surface, the tool gives you way more posiibilities. Get one try it and do experiments with it. You can even put a wire into the centre of your starting sausage and after curing it will allow bending it into the right position.
Everybody who is into sci fi will love it. I know I do.

See you in the jungle !


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