MV in Egypt...

by Roman aka jar

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A good friend of mine, Peter is at Kairo/Egypt for some months and is doing a work-experience there. Yesterday he did sent me this cool photo showing Massive Voodoo Power near the Pyramids - yeaha!

If you are intrested in what Peter is doing over there you can check his blog, with his thoughts and fabolous insight photos of the place (text is in german) - Traveling to Middle East.

Thanks to you my friend for such a great photo and the information that you are well :)

If you have also some MV-Wear, don't hesitate to sent some photos of you in a place that seems great to show how far MV has spread the word of Happy Painting - put on your shirt and make a photo for us. I would be really happy about such pics, please sent them to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com.

Stay focused!
Keep on happy painting!



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