Mu07 - Spanish Admiral, 1:9, Pegaso Models

by Roman aka jar

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Since a long time there is again another Miniature Unpacked.
This time it is about a bust of a spanish Admiral by Pegaso in Scale 1:9, sculpted by Victor Konnov and promopainted by Ernesto Reyes, thanks a lot to both for a great piece.

I hope you enjoy reading what follows now...


After several Painting Classes and real Hardcore Painting Session for staying alive i finally come to rest, sure the decision to do less emails at the moment helps find some time to reboot the mind. I really powered myself through several projects in the last months. There is now need to calm down, even i am still up to finish some comission, but this will happen when the muse has taken a deep long bath inside a jungle waterfall, she stands there, those stormy days didn't take her beauty, taking a deep breath to regain energy, the fresh water sparkling over her body made of mostly pure white porcelain, thin porcelain at least that seems everything left of her vulnerable skin. The waterfall which carries the water straight out of the highest mountains will boost her again. 

For Restoration of my mind i've chosen to paint something for my own, without the knowledge that it might be for Sale or comission work. Simply a pure joy for myself like the USMC - Iwo Jima bust. I am not thinking about making an article of it, as i really want to keep my mind free on this mission to bring back a healthy powerful muse. As i don't have endless time to restore energy i've choose to do a bust again, i even looked at the areas to paint, so that it might be an easy one without too much different things to work on. I found Pegaso's "Spanish Admiral" in 1:9.

Even it is a historical bust i am not up to research at the moment - i try to do my version but i am using a the promopainting as a reference. 


The model arrived in a hard box cube packed with green lametta. Let's have a look at the model with some blabla of mine - first i have to say that the face and the armour already catched my eye while choosing which bust to do. In real the parts really made my heart bounce in joy. The armour is so so so beautiful done, but more to this point later on.

The box contains:

- 1x Main Body
- 1x Additional clothing piece
- 4x Feather pieces
- 2x pieces of the helmet
- 1x Face
- 1x piece for fixing the model at a socket (won't use that because i don't like Resin for this cause, i use metal here)

The Cast itself is top notch high quality. Really a pure joy to look at. Some minor work has to be done to clean off all casting remains, but that is not really though as the Resin is great to work with, i just use a scalpell for the rough work and sandpaper for the detail work. A hole has to be drilled into the main body if you want to fix the bust up to a metal pin. If you use the resin piece there has to be done some minor cleaning and preparing work too.

The detail of the armour parts is really amazing, here you go with some more photos of the bust (you can click to enlarge the photos):

After cleaning the bust assembling really goes easy hand. Everything has its prepared place to be fixed and glued at. There is only one piece were after assembling i have to fill up with some Milliput or Magic Sculpt. The two helmet pieces bring this little problem that you have to fill up the tips at the front and at the back of the helmet. I did it already in the next photos, after priming i did realize that i have to rework it. I did this with some Magic Sculp this time, but what am I talking about there are no photos yet about my rescue action after priming or maybe yes, i don't know let's see which photos will drop in here. The bust after assembling and priming, remember i still got to clean the helmet fron areal tip, the gap is now gone after i saw it, might have been to tired during the assembling, haha...

What can i say about this bust? 
It got me. It calls me. I got to paint it. Big True Metallic high detailed armour parts and a very characteristic face makes this piece a good buy for sure. The only thing i miss is a small paper sheet that expains the bust and its age a bit. I already took some relaxed music and started right away this morning with some chilled painting moments... still in early process...

Again a true masterful piece by Pegaso and "No!" i am not getting paid by them :)
You can find more Mus here!
Keep on happy painting!


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