Duzi - review 2

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

I got Gold at the Duzi with my *Yodleur de Cascades* and my diorama *Good old times* in the first choice category. I know I have already shown them to you, but now you can click on the picture to see them in good size.. :) And that's the really last time I show them, than  I finish some new stuff :P

Some of you wanted to know what mini my cousin painted for the Duzi, here is the picture. That's the 3 or 4 miniature he has finished, but he painted it all, by my side. I tried to say him directly all techniques I know and how to hold the brush best, how to make bases..  I think, you learn so much faster, if anybody says you how to do it. He is 12 years old. You will see his new miniatures on the CMON account than, *Jack.Rackham* . 

And here is a diorama from me, I never showed pictures of that, a longer time, because they got a very low rating, dunno why, I think it's painted in my best level. Okey I know I don't want to make so many thoughts to CMON ratings..  yeah.. but I can't stop watching my ratings..  shiit :P I am very happy with my wood training machine, it is made of balsa wood and some cord :)

you can click on both picture  



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