Jungle Alchemy

by Mati

posted by Mati, Badsmile, Orang Utan:

Hello there, today I want to present you a nice little program the capuccin showed me a while back and yesterday I took a little monkey look at it.
The program is called Alchemy and is a free to download sketching/concepting program. It is not meant to create a whole artwork but its nice features are great to sketch up stuff and make the ideas come flying at you like magnetic bananas.

You just draw crazy and let the shape tell you what it is or will be....

It's no real Voodoo, but as I had a lot of fun testing it yesterday, I thought I'd share it with the jungle friends.

Concept sketches like the guy above are done easily and reaaaaally fast. Just give it a try, you'll like it for sure !


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