Workshop Review - MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Blumberg-Achdorf

by Roman aka jar

Hello dear Miniature Painters,

exactly one week ago Massive Voodoo was present in Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany for one of MV's Jar's Beginners Classes. The sun was burning down, the spring arrived and everybody was in a great mood. It was perfect "Miniature-Nerd-weather" and so we decided to sit inside and take care of some figures ;)

A big thank you goes to Vlado and Peter for organising the class upfront.

As I have been to this location four times now I knew Vlado is an organisation talent and this "Deluxe-class" will be great. Big thanks to Vlado and his fellow crew of DieVincis, Phil and Ole for being a great team.

I also want to thank Raffa and Sanne for the ride with the car that we enjoyed. It was different than usual but also very interesting. It was time for our trainee, Sanne to experience her first painting class finally and we all were really looking forward if she will enjoy it.

Arriving in Blumberg-Achdorf, the little village in the middle of nowwhere always feels great, even better when the weather is fine and there are many people waiting, of whom a big bunch was already known to the jungle crew. There has been a surprising big number of new faces too and I want to thank everybody who took part in the class deeply from my heart again for their confidence and will to be there. Thanks to all of you for a really nice weekend. Thanks to all of you who travelled short and far.

Big thanks to Tanja, Patrick and Christian who support this review with the photos they have made. Talking about photos: I think it is time to dive deeper into the weekend and show you some more of it. Again, I am still in thanking-mode and who has to be thanked deeply is also Harris, our kitchen-god who provided awesome food for the crowd. Deluxe-Classes are so cool, good food and we all sleep at the place.

Well, still not finished with shouting out thanks yet. Big thanks goes to the ones who sponsor this class - without their help we would not be able to do as we do on the class:

Well, let's dive into it now. Into a beautiful weekend, filled with a lot of theory and spaghetti on Friday. Not to forget basebuilding during Friday night ...

Getting ready ...
 Don't be happy about the weather, we won't find too much time to enjoy it!
 Don't build your bases to big, unless you do the class for a third time, eh?

After the official class end on Friday night we sat down in the basement for some after-hour-talks and some drinks. It was nice but went on til late in the night. Stupid us. At least some of us. Some were tired enough to directly head for bed. I would call them pretty clever on the next morning.

Saturday morning arrived with a lot of tasks to fullfill for each participant. Getting everything ready for priming the figures before lunch. And on we went ...

This is crazy!!

 Pfft! Pfft!
 No Ping Pong with demonettes here!
Left (Bernhard): "I really want to play ping pong now!
Spartan King from St.Pauli (Jens): "No, no, that is not a good idea, really!"

After priming it was time to get some food, prepared by Harris again and enjoy a little amount of time in the sun that sorrounded our little valley.

 ... but we soon head back for serious stuff. Painting, finally. We started off with the bases and spent a little while to get to know different painting techniques on them before we head over to the figures themselves. It's always a great joy for me - as the class teacher - to see how the theory parts from friday night drop in when it comes to the participants individual colour choiches. Remember: "Fear ... uuhm... Colour is always your friend!" :D

During Saturday night, we struggled, we failed, we learned, we cried, we dreamt of sleep and we succeded. Thanks for all your will to sit down hour after hour only interrupted by - again - awesome food supply from the god of the kitchen, Harris!

Sunday moring the lack of sleep kicked in, BUT as I entered the class room there were already some swinging the brush like madmen. I had to ask some of them if they even slept as I saw them the night before when I head to bed ... Thumbs up!

During Sunday we painted mainly at the demon ladies and achieved to close in to a final picture of the whole scene. Again, this is a moment of pride when I see how the concept works and the students bring back a big smile on their face after the struggles from Saturday night ... I will keep the Sunday as it felt, with less photos of paintwork. If you have been as tired as I was, I can only tell we all did well, really well!

 Did Roman fall asleep??

We managed to do our group photo after painting the leather parts ... while the sun was still strong and so we got back the power of light to go back into the cave once more for the final finish of our "canvas".

No, that is the wrong one ...

There we go ...

During Sunday late afternoon the class comes to an end. It has to. Even we could have stayed for another week in that beautfiul valley, with colours and Harris's food. Why not forever? We even would find time to collect great basing material and play ping pong. Mmh ... dreams :)

Again, I want to thank Vlado for the organisation part and everybody who was involved in that beautiful weekend. It was my pleasure to see well-known faces again and meet new painters who enjoy happy painting! Thanks for the great team-work during sunday's big clean up!

Keep on happy painting to you all!
Best Wishes

 Dat base!! Dat Rust!!

 More photos of ... man, well done class!


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