Her name is Hope

by Roman aka jar

"The world as we know it is long gone,
it became a cruel and harsh place,
filled with anger, killing and hate.
In this environment she has to be protected,
her name is "Hope"."

Her name is "Hope"
Games Workshop, Privateer Press
28 mm

You can find a step by step of the base if you click here.
You can find a review on the Modelmates rust effects used in this project if you click here.
Additional to that Massive Voodoo's year of the painter will bring you a full step by step on the figure itself in the future. 

Maybe you know that the guys from Massive Voodoo are collecting figures on their own too. Exchange figures with friends. For Roman's exchange figures there is one golden rule: This small girl from Privateer Press has to be involved. This version is for his buddy Kyle. Last year both decided to do an exchange figure with two GW's Catachan Hereos and that precise girl. Roman now is really corious on what Kyle will be up to with his Catachan muscle guy.

Hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!


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