Dragon Priest

by Roman aka jar

Welcome traveller,
let me tell you stories from Dragon Island:

They say he lives on the misty mountains,
they say he lives in a really messy cave,
they say he hunts Dragon babies to read the future in their liver,
they say he is crazy, weird and dangerous. That's what they say ...

... but he is the one who will save the tribes of Dragon Island of future danger. Saves the children, women and even the warriors. Only he can do it. He hates cleaning up his cave and he kills the Dragon babies because they make such awkward noises in the night, keeping him away from his dreams and visions. He is not weird, he will be the one who saves the whole island, even the galaxy when that day comes. He alone! No one else! That's what he says at least.

Funny sculpt from Forged Monkey, "Lychee Priest", 5 cm in height.

Dragon Priest
Forged Monkey

I hope you like him.
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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