Blood Bowl MVP: Dark Elf Witch "Ulunneth "

by Roman aka jar

"Welcome folks,

welcome to your Blood Bowl stadium on this wonderful day. The challenge is up, the teams are getting ready and the crowd is already beyond madness. Time for some Blood Bowl! This game looks like to be very important to the Dark Raiders, as their favourite Star Player "Ulunneth " returned from a serious injury. She is fast as lightning and a true terror for her opponents. Let's see how she recovered ... and kick off!"

Blood Bowl Starplayer "Ulunneth"
Gaspez Art, 28 mm

Still enjoying the time of my "quicker" paintjobs as it allows me to do several in a row and test new things faster. Soon it is time to switch back to slow pace with a more thrilling and more challenging project idea. And I guess it is good to show myself that I still can paint in higher quality, after all these quick fun projects. Whatever you paint, whatever your speed is ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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