Kong's WIP-thoughts - April #02

by Roman aka jar

As Massive Voodoo is still recovering from a great weekend at the Duke of Bavaria, this Monday morning is filled with some Work in Progress from Roman's table. He is still working on the Toad King ... things are getting a little serious slowly as early work changes to more interesting work. The basework starts and colour is getting involved.

More Green.
More Green and such. Finding a way into my idea.

This is how it looks when Massive Voodoo works at 2am.

PS: If you think the photo filters are annyoing, please keep in mind that Roman did them via my mobile, quick photos from his workbench. He recently found this very helpful and is enjoying these photo filters. If you think this is not good because you actually can not see the paint work that was done properly, please keep in mind that Massive Voodoo's year of the painter will bring you a full step by step of Roman's Toad King in the future. With normal photos :)

Keep on happy painting!


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