Chaos Space Marine Lord

by Roman aka jar


recently I managed to finish one of my comission pieces:
The Chaos Space Marine Lord from GW's "Dark Vengeance" box.

This was really a very interesting comission as the comissioner told me pretty exactly what colour to use on what area, refering to older figures of mine as examples. This was first, honestly really confusing me, but I told myself to give it a try. For example such were some of his words: "Sword's blade should be like right leg of your daemonette 7.0 and cape exterior like the wings of your Vampire Lord. The base should catch the same athmosphere as the one build for my version of Dark Vlad" and many more, just for you to get a better picture of what I was painting here.

Like I told you, first this was really confusing me, but I accepted the challenge and it was fun going back to my older figures to get the reference on how to paint different areas on the figure. What I can say is that I was confused by another matter: Those CSM have way too many details on such a small figure, I was close to going mad. Well, in the end I was happy with the result, let me know what you think of him...

Chaos Space Marine Lord
Games Workshop, 28 mm


Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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