A letter from Yannick

by Roman aka jar

A letter from Yannick that dropped in
via parachute in your daily miniature jungle,
 thanks to Yannick:


"Hello Mister Roman, 
reviewing the last news in your blog, I saw this topic:  Stamp it!

I know it is too late to share my experience through your “MV Quest”, but I send you one of the last stamps I used: plastic peg. It is usually difficult to reproduce a regular pattern. I did works at home, and I had plastic pegs on my desk. For fun, I did several stamps, to test the different pegs I had… and I found the pattern of my street pavement! 

Rummaging the toolbox, we can discover a lot of interesting patterns, more or less thin, which can be adapted to our different mini scales. The steps described with 3 pictures. 

Step One
Step Two 
Step Three

 And you have the full details on my blog.

 Always a pleasure to read the blog, and discover new paintings. Even if I have not a lot of time to follow and participate to our small mini world, I keep on visiting some blogs to keep me aware. 



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