Mu 46 - Eskimo Fisherman, Romain van den Bogeart

by Roman aka jar

Another Miniatures Unpacked.

This time with a sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart.
A bust that he started back in Berlin during his sculpting class.

Personally I am a big fan of Romain's sculpts.
I really enjoyed painting up several of his sculpts in the past and somehow his sculpting style fits my way of painting style pretty much. So when I saw the "Eskimo Fisherman" I fell in love with it on first sight. The bust does not come cheap, but it is a big sculpt and I don't want to know how much it costs in production. Compared with other companies who produce busts in that scale the price is fair, so no complaining from my side here. Let me tell you some more on this bust.

"Please know that this is just my own experience with these products. I tell you honestly what I do like and don't. I can not assure you that you will make the same experience as you might have a different taste or different requirements than I have."

First let's have a look on how it arrives. One big parcel from France arrived some days ago. Opening it up there was a lot of packing material and inside I found the bust in two zipper bags. Well, not the packing you get from big companies, but saying this already delivers the answer: Romain is doing this on his own, so I leave this topic and say "there is improvement to be made in the future" and my thoughts "it will".

Unzipping you get four pieces of Resin.
Two big ones (Body and Fish) and two small ones (fish's flappers).

First thing that I recognized is "yeah that is a bust seize I will enjoy while painting". It is truely huge and as I often takemy miniature projects as canvas from the way I work, this canvas will make me happy.

The body of the Eskimo itself still feels very "normal" in its seize. Like a bust from Young Models or Pegaso, but with the fish this bust gets massive.

First lets have a look on the fish on its own. I love it. Great shapes and I am looking forward to paint it so much. The only thing I was not totally happy with is the closer look on its skin scabs. On the first look they look ... well, you can see the tool which was used there pretty good. That was the fact that disturbed me on the first glimpse. Giving it some time to think about it, I have to say I enjoy it. Just look at the fish's size and it'll work pretty well when the fish is recieving some colour.

A fish without his flappers is a dead fish ...
remember that and stop shark finning!

Having a closer look on the Eskimo body I can say I do enjoy the structure of the material (skin, clothing) and the details,which are not too much, but when you see them they are done really with love. I like the wind in the fur parts. Such effects put the character in an authentic environment, even it is just a bust. What I personally did not like was the eyes. The pupil was sculpted. I think this is good for the sculptor but for the painter this is kind of awkward. So I will close them with putty again to be able to paint what I want there.

Now putting both of them together the character of the bust unfolds like a butterfly. I enjoy the beauty of this unusual sculpt and I am looking forward to get this under my brush.

How do the parts fit together?
Well, on a bust with four parts there is not much to be glued and prepared, but I want to take a look on this too. Overall there are some resin remains of the casting process which have to be removed with a blade and sandpaper. I did not find any serious mould lines, that is nice. Putting the fish to the Eskimo body there is a gap that has to be filled with putty. Nothing serious, but work that has to be done. The flappers also have to be cleaned first and can easily be put in place with glue.

That's it. My honest point of view in this Miniature Unpacked.
Let me know what you think by throwing a comment into the ocean :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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