Event: Duke of Bavaria ahead!

by Roman aka jar


The jungle is getting busy these days ...

Right now, Raffa and Roman are in the middle of a private coaching with Kyle aka M R Lee and are enjoying a great time together. You know, Kyle, eh? C'mon, dat guy on the right:

The upcoming weekend there is also the Duke of Bavaria, a very nice miniature event that you should not miss in your life if you enjoy Miniature Painting.

Massive Voodoo is looking forward to see a lot of Miniature friends there.
So far we can say Raffa, Max, Oli, Bene, Peter, Phil, Sanne and Roman will be there.
We are looking forward to meet you there and we hope the sun is with us all!

photo is property of http://www.kuenstler-figur.de/

Ecpect reviews on both ...
Keep on happy painting!


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