The Future of Miniature Photography?

by -Matt Cexwish-

Hi Di Ho!

Every now and then you see something that simply makes you go: "WoooooWWW!!" and sends those satisfying sensations down your spine that make you very aware that you have just discovered not more nor less than a small piece of some authentic yet - to - come... True Future!

I had this Moment while contemplating the possibilities of the upcoming and extremely innovative light-field cameras for us Miniature Artists...

What is a Light-Field Camera?

Just imagine zooming through a Miniature Project and deliberatively choosing which point you want to focus on and slightly tilting the angle... This kind of interaction is exactly what makes the difference between a Picture and a multi-sensorical experience that allows the "spectator" become a "manipulator"... and thus much more involved, more personal and immersive, nearly as a part of the whole Piece...

Just like in this old Image made with compiling many 'conventional' Images into one Sequence, now only without the slightly annoying and not controlable wobble.

With those new light-field Cameras you will be able to really feel the different depth of a Miniature Project and will truly help displaying one of the biggest advantages of Miniatures: The combination of spacial Setup (Volumes, sculpted Textures, Composition, etc.) and painted Textures!

So, The First Consumer Grade light-field camera will probably be the Lytro Illum... I really can´t wait to get my hands on one of those around August 2014... They cost around 1.500 US Dollar and it will be well worth the investment if it is true to it´s specs...

Its massive fixed lens sports a 30mm to 250mm range (giving it the equivalent of an 8X optical zoom), and its aperture is a constant f/2.0 for its entire zoom range (typically unheard of in DSLR lenses).  

All in all, I think that that kind of new Technology will revolutionize and change the way we see and display Miniature Projects... I know already that I will have to re-shoot all of my main Projects for this amazing adaptive depth effect...

Make sure to check out the several different, interactive Pictures on their Website... I still have to find a way how to embed this kind of Clip in here...;)...

Lytro Website

What do you think? Gadget? Innovation? Comment below! :)


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