Tutorial Voting: What about Pirate Robots?

by Roman aka jar


another Thursday in MV's year of the painter and it is time for you to vote for another article ...
hit the comments to choose what you want to read early next week.

A Painting step by step through the Tales of War's Slot Gunner Pirate bust, the one from this Miniatures Unpacked.  Have a look over Roman's shoulder and see how this tanned guy gets his sunburn. This step by step is sponsored by CoolMiniorNot

For this article vote "Pirate" in your comments.

Did you see the contest announcement "Forged Hope"?
This article is a step by step article through the preparing, basing and painting of "The First One".
Roman explains about cacti, lychees, roboter oil and desert animals ...

For this article write "robot" in the comments!

Voting lasts until next week Monday.
Now kick it, like a trash can!


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