"The First One"

by Roman aka jar

Ey Yo, 

today I am able to present to you a figure that is special and will have a special role in the next weeks on MV. It is a great robot, build from a great robot-kit by Heroes and Villians Miniatures.

Special about this figure is that you - the MV readers - can win it. 
Yes, unbelievable, eh? This will be a give away figure connected to our next bigger contest which drops in during the upcoming weeks. Yes this one, this painted version by Roman. We will let you know how, why and what'st that all about, soon! Please be a little patient, what I can tell you already is that the contest is in cooperation with the great guys from Heroes and Villians Miniatures, our spanish monkeybrothers from Cursed Monkeys and more! This sounds big, eh? And it will be!

There is also a little story about "the First One" and I will tell you a little bit about it.
More of the story will be revieled in the future.

The First One

"He was constructed by the ForgeFather,
to be the first one outthere in the harsh Wasteland after the blasts.
The first one, to explore. He was the one who helped to fight the monstrous beasts,
which  threatened the settlement. The first one to collect new material, help the ForgeFather
and to assure the survival of the settlement and its inhabitants. He who was the first one!"

Hope you like my version of this robot kit. I did some conversion on it, but I won't tell you more at the moment as MV's year of the painter will bring you a future Step by Step about this one too :)

I am also adding a little sneak peak about the Step by Step that also shows how big the project is in hand. Photo was taken during the progress, so still WIP on the photo.

You still don't believe that this will be a figure you can win? 
I just can tell you - do it! We got even more suprises for you outthere when this crazy competition will be announced!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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