Contest: Forged Hope

by Raffa

Hey everyone!
                                                                                                           Deutsches Regelwerk!

Time for another big contest in the Jungle!
But this time we are not alone, we are sponsored and supported be Heroes & Villains Miniatures to bring you this unique painting contest.

The contest is over and we are showing all the entries round by round.
You can find the other rounds here:
Round 1
Round 2

Round 3
Round 4 

And the first batch of the Random Prize Pool Lottery was given away:
Part 1

You will find these posted galleries of the entries linked up to the event section - click here!

Maybe, let's not start with a wall of text, but with a small comic strip I've done to get you in the mood...

Your job is to forge and build more robots!

They can be all kind of robots:
Trash-Collector 2000, Crop-Harvest-o-Mat MK4, Autonomous Elder-Over-The-Street-Helper 2X4, Town-Guard-Bot III ... options are endless!

Just imagine this town and its needs and you will quickly find ideas for new robots.

Luckily the "First One" just brought in a new batch of robot parts:
Pick them up here!
And don't forget to use the secret coupon code "3086" to get some extra 10% discount!
This discount is only valid for 1 month!

When your bot is done, please put him up in the e-Brain activation line to soon be helping townsfolk!
And do you know what's best about being a part in the Forged Hope program?
If your bot makes it to line assembly you will win a robot for your home! How nice is that?!

Here are the prizes:

First prize:
You have the chance to win this one-of-a-kind, converted and painted version of the RK1-Outworld done by Roman "Jarhead" Lappat.

Second prize:
For the second prize, you can win the original promotional paintjob version painted by Alex "Iguazzu" Varela.

Third prize:
And the third prize is this robot. Painted and converted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca.

There is also a random prize pool lottery every participant takes part in by entering the contest.
Check this link to see the random prize pool!

Ok, now for some real rules:
- Create and paint a robot using the RK1 Outworld kit from Heroes and Villains Miniatures.
- You may add additional parts to your liking, sculpt or convert, but it must base on the RK1 kit.
- Contest is ending on 15-August-2014, 16 GMT.
- Send photos of your finished robot creation via mail to "picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com" using the subject line "Forged Hope Entry". Please include a piece of paper with yor robots name written on it on the photo for proof of ownership. You can use this template.
- You can send ONE entry per person.
- IMPORTANT: Please include your robots name and your idea of the job he does in the community, this will be part of your entry and will also be judged!
- Winners will be announced one week after the contest. All entries will also be shown in a post. Judging will be done by Raffa & Roman.

!!! Update:
- You are allowed to show work in progress photos
- The finished piece must not to be shown online before you got a confirmation mail after sending your entry to us!
- We will eventually show the photos here on the blog and on our Facebook page, if you are not ok with this, do not enter the contest ;-)
- Everybody is allowed to enter, except the judges and staff members of Heroes&Villians
- deadline stretched

I think that's it! Let's go!

If there are any more questions, post them in the comments and I try to include them in the rules.

Good luck and have fun!
Your Massive Voodoo Team!


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