Workshop Review - Hamburg, Germany 2

by Roman aka jar

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Here we go with the second review of the past Hamburg classes.
If you are interested in the first review check this link.

First before the casual workshop review takes place I want to thank so many people again.

First of all, Shifu Heiko again for being such a great host at his Kung Fu School  "Wu Dao" in Hamburg. If you want to learn to master your Kung Fu and you live in Hamburg, you really have to visit this place.

I want to thank everybody who took part in the class as this weekend was truely something special for me. Thanks to everyone who helped, painted, enjoyed the weekend, provided me with photos and last but not least Raffa for being a big help again.

Why this was so special you might ask?

Mmh, honestly ... I was some kind of exhausted and missed home during these 10 days of Hamburg. And I wasn't in the best condition to give a class, BUT this group really helped my to climb those dark steps out of a dark valley and I quickly found back to myself and had a lot of fun on this weekend - due the people of this group. It was awesome to see so many people again who did the this class for the second or the third time and I really enjoyed to get to know so many new faces to painting.

And last but not least thanks toPeter for his help with the getting the class organised. If you missed to check Forged Monkey at the class you can still do it here and get what you need. The last massive thank you goes out to Sockelmacher for providing the class with sockets and PK-Pro for providing additional basing material.

Many thanks to Dirk for writing up a very kind article about his experience during the class (german):
Click me!


Let's get it on with the review then.
Friday started pretty close in time and we ran into the night with building up the bases, a lot of theory on zenithal light, contrast, color theory and much more that was all needed for Saturday's upcoming painting sessions.

Saturday arrived quicker than expected but I learned from the last class to go to bed way much earlier. I also had the feeling some of the students did the same when we meet up again on Saturday. Some theory again and the day soon headed to getting some paint on our figures. First there was priming time.

After noon the class went to painting and painting and painting all day long.

Sunday arrived and we did not leave anyone behind. Everybody was there again. Sunday was filled up with a lot of information to detailed painting topics and our sketches on the figure went further to a final picture that was closing more and more. We also made a group photo of us and all the figures from the class. Another truely epic one.

Thanks again to everyone for being part of this weekend, for steady wet brushes, open minds, fun chats, questions, honest feedback, help and the happy mood you all brought that kept me focused on telling my tales of my way of painting. Many thanks and a deep Kong Fu bow. Hope to see you again someday and until that day paint and paint :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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