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Aloa Jungle visitors and miniature lovers ...

I thought it might be about time for some Kong Fu, letting my mind go and write down what is in there. We arrived home again to Augsburg after some really beautiful days in Hamburg including 2 Painting class weekends, one painters meeting, some relaxed days with friends, 2 painted pictures on canvas and so, so, so many nice people we were able to meet again and for the first time. 10 days away from home but with great reasons. I am completly off the hook and tired and even those days in Hamburg were so nice I am truely happy to be home now for about three weeks before I will go to another painting class in Vienna, Austria.

There will be a big report about those painting classes at the Wu Dao Kung Fu School in Hamburg soon!

So usually Kong Fu is about my thoughts and after my email issues are fine now I got to read around 170 emails and answer most of them. Ough, that is much and sometimes I feel I have to concentrate on the things I am good at. I am not pretty good in keeping my big amount of emails up to date, so I am a bit scared about the work ahead. I first have to find my diving googles to dive deep into mailing and typing. I still have to translate the workshop handout to english for the participants of the first international class in Versailles. Sometimes it feels my time is more and more confused with organisation all the time. And I might stay more healthy in my brain if I slow down from now and then. So, I know there is a lot of work to do and I don't look at the things that have been done, I always look on what has to be done, but these days I really have to focus and concentrate as there is truely too much. I got to set priorities these days until everything most important is done. And so I will do.

The Jungle didn't even find time to celebrate its 3th anniversary, back on September 17th, but the Bananalicious Painting Contest will be our birthday present to our readers and all the happy painters out there!

Stay tuned and sharp as a razorblade for that!

I just wanted to show you how busy these weeks are and have been. Usually we are pretty precious with MV birthday, now we are strictly way beyond time. I think I will do a little bit less blog work in the next days as focusing will be my guide for the future weeks.
Painting Class Ninja

During the week in Hamburg I was very happy to read MV and want to thank Mati, Peter and Oli for their posts. For the first time I felt like a reader of MV myself during the last 10 days. I really enjoyed to read here without thinking massively about what I am planning to manage for the future. Just reading, just relaxed passing by letters. Maybe me, myself and I write too much in the blog sometimes, maybe some of monkey brothers think the same and post less during that reason. Just a thought that visited my mind while seeing the jungle bounce without me. Maybe.

I told you about 2 paintings on canvas. 
One was done by Raffa and one was done by myself to say thank you to Shifu Heiko for host of 2 painting classes, shelter, Sherlock Holmes Action, much more and great breakfasts. I want to say thanks to so many more people and will do so soon in the Painting class reviews. I am just too ...

Yes. Canvas.
My mind is drifting.
Raffa painted a great red Kung Fu lady and I did that big monster beside her. Check out Raffa's blog "color fueled" - I think soon there will be better pictures of the painting. I did mine during one night with miniature colors and after the lack of big brushes I used my hands for it to get kind of control of the format. Working time was about 5 mad hours.

So Kong Fu seems over ... too much on my screen, too tired to read it.
Tomorrow will bring back more energies as I know from my experience - the day after a class weekend is always kind of standby to my brain, but I managed to travel home :)

Thanks to our readers for 3 years of MV now!
Without you reading here blogging would be boring ...

So read you soon!
Best Wishes


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