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Finally the next Painting Contest arrived in the jungle.
This will be the biggest painting contest we ever did due of its rules and categories. It will be a pretty free painting contest compared to other online contest. A Contest, were everybody will have good chances to win something, beginners or pros.

If you like to also help us run this contest, have bananalicious advertisment for your products plus support us in our cause please write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com for further details and explanations. The most important will already follow now:

Why we ask for your support? 
MV will run this BANANALICIOUS CONTEST once a year, like a ritual and we want to make as many people happy with taking part even on the first go. We want to give away a lot of medals, prizes and stuff. We had some costs producing the medals and we have to ship all those prizes later on. That is why we ask you for your support if you are a miniature company, a shop or a blog.

What can you do to support the BANANALICIOUS EPICNESS and what do you get?

Option A)
You can sent us some of your products and we will pack one or two surprise packages for the contestants. You will be listed with your brands name in the Sponsors List. This list is shown everytime information about this contest is posted in the jungle. 

Option B)
You can donate 10,00 € to the jungle (+ Option A if you like).
You will recieve a banner at the Sponsors list. This list is shown everytime information about this contest is posted in the jungle.

Let us know if you are sailing with us via mail and be sure that every new sponsor will be announced during the contest time. A full prize list will follow soon wit the contests announcement.


Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors:

GAU 54 mm Minis
Masquerade Mini 
North Star Models

Special thanks for support to:



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