Some Oldtimers

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

 Hey lads!

as it´s so quiet in the jungle it´s time for a little picture-flooding.

I will show you some really old shit today, which was made in the times before I joined the jungle (so I declare it as new!). It´s for showing you my "progress" over the years. To be honest, after having a look at the pics it feels more like ups & downs.... but I´m very proud that I´m still doing my hobby with love and passion and have reached a level of qualitiy I´m really happy with.

If you have a look at the pics too, you will see that everybody of us needs/needed a lot of practice to reach the actual painting-level. Nothing comes without practice! I would have posted the pictures already but I thought the pictures were lost during a PC-crash some years ago...

You can imagine how happy I was to find the pics again and how interesting to study them. But before I show you my old stuff there are three things I would like to add:

SOOORRRYY for the crappy quality. In those days I only had a small camera and no real idea about taking good pics. Today I tried to pimp them as good as possible, but some pics were simply too bad to make a good collage... so there are sometimes only single-pic.

Our lord and master Zaphod I. wrote two very interesting articles on his blog:

- Review to Roman´s paintingclass in Hamburg (last weekend)
- Report about the Hussar-Competition in Poland (this weekend)

Two quick shots of my actual project. It´s developing very very slowly as there are some really important things I have to take care about before my mind will be free again.

And now the old shit :)

Juggernaut of Khorne (still one of my favourites, but sold :-/)- March 2009

Juggernaut of Khorne (little Tamiya accident) - April 2009

 Thaex (will be repainted soon) - April 2009

Chaos Lord / Games Day Miniature - May 2009

Crom the Conqueror - late May 2009

Death Korps Commissar - late May 2009

Space Wolves Terminator - June 2009

Word Bearer (after 1/2 year break) - April 2010

Demonette (Jarhead Workshop after a 2nd break) - March 2011

Space Marine Primarch (present for a friend) - October 2011

Murmillo - killed via a horrible death by oven in late October 2011 - R.I.P



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