Dark Angels ... two in a row!

by Roman aka jar

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summing up the last weeks is already in preparation.
First drop is falling now ...

First I got a Dark Angel Space Marine I have painted in 2 hours as a gift to the one behind the Vienna painting class. It is indeed nothing very special, but in those 2 hours I was full with happy painting spirit.

Dark Angel Tactical Space Marine
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Also started as a quick project with the same plan to finish him in about the same quality like the Marine above - a Deathwing Terminator - BUT with more hours consumed by work as I found those place which did not leave me alone until ... gnnnarrrggglll!!! In the end he took me about 7 hours of work and I know many places where I could invest more time - but it was started as a quick project and it shall be one in the end.

Dark Angel Death Wing Terminator
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I wonder what comes next, as I got many photos of finished projects here.
Let's wonder together soon :D

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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