New miniatures or at least new photos :)

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hello readers,

I want to show you a couple of new pictures. I made many new pictures for a photobook for the SMC next weekend. And as part for my facebook gallery feel free to visit it:) This is some kind of a personal project, you will still find my latest works here.

Lets start with some pictures now:

This is one of my biggest project so far, a 1/72 castle with a big diorama base. 
It's still in the early wip of painting. If you interested you can find more pictuers here.

Ar-Finel, a great miniature from Studio McVey,
I fianlly managed to change the bow string from a needle to a hair

Heroes of Tomorrow, a little Medievel Diorama, finished this a good 1 year ago, but the pictures I showed before, weren't really good so I made new ones.

This is one of my favourite miniatures, I think he shows the best painted eyes (from me)
It never won something in competiton, but no problem, I am still proud to have it in my cabinet :)

More pictures here

I hope you like them, the next picutres will follow soon:) Now I have to continue painting, because in the last days, I invested a lot of time, in photographing and writing.. I am a painter not a journalist.. I forget that sometimes :)

Best regards Oli


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