BANANALICIOUS PAINTING CONTEST - Prize and Supporter Update #03

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

I guess you are already hardly working on your entries for the most BANANALICIOUS Painting contest in town ... uahm ... internet, aren't you?

If not here is another update to the prize pool that will be handed out randomly. Every participant will have a chance to win one of those prizes. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

First, thanks for the support to dieVincis, a cool group of bloggers that are truely hobbymaniacs.
Chh-Chhe-Chheeee-Check out their blog!!
Btw: As a reader of their blog I am truely happy to find them back in green again :)

Second there was a parcel and support from Italy.
The italian drill Sergeant Black-Art brought in a plane with Terrible Kids Stuff and out of the jungle you
can hear the monkey bands play thankful bongo drums.

Again a big thanks to PK-PRO who did sent another row of stuff for the price pool!!

More Updates coming soon!!!
Now get ready to paint if you are not already doing so!!


Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors: 

GAU 54 mm Minis

Special thanks for support to:

Thanks for your support to give away 
the prizes of the random prize pool!


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