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by Mati

posted by mati/badsmile/lil'orangutan:

Hello there, since Roman and Raffa are still in Hamburg for the next painting class this upcoming weekend I will post some inspirational stuff for you jungle friends.

First up a funny little video with some cogwheels, most of you are into steampunk, so cogwheels must be fun for you in some kind of way.....

Followed by a little something for your ears, this time some classic guitar played by master Segovia:

The next link will take you to a blog featuring something I really enjoy, retrofuturism or paleofuturism as it is called too. Pictures of the future from the past, flying cars and moonbases!

Click me right here!

That's it for now, more to come soonishly.

Cheers and thanks for reading, Mati


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