Jungle Report: Scale Model Challenge 2012

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

after some days of recovery I'm finally writing the jungle report for the Scale Model Challenge in Veldhofen.
As the organisation of the event, the Scale Model Factory came to us with the idea of having a Massive Voodoo booth at the event we happily agreed and Matt, Oli and Philip wanted to go there.
As there were some complications I took Matts place and quicker than I noticed the weekend of the SMC was coming closer and closer :)


And then the morning was there! Waking up at 5:30 am is definately not my prefered way of starting the day, but 2 hours later I was arriving at Olis home where we changed cars, drank a cup of coffee and continued with our trip to Veldhofen. From there Olis dad Andy continued to drive (known here on the blog as Daddy Cool :) ).

Around 6 hours later we arrived at the location and my first impression when coming into the event hall was just "wooow!!!".... the place was stupendously large, everything was already prepared very, very professional and I never saw so many Ikea lamps with dayglow bulbs, ... amazing!

After a warm welcome by Robert Crombeecke, the organisator, who explained to us where our booth is and how everything will be going we were even more amazed as our booth was really in the middle of this big event and it was pretty large. With the most respect Oli, Andy and myself started to prepare the booth for the next day. As the event is only on sunday we had plenty of time to prepare everything, talk to other people that arrived on saturday and get used to this big booth.

Later on saturday there was a big buffet and some people decided to get a drink or two at the hotel bar... what a great time! There we met the folks of "Die Vincis" to have some nice talk and take some funny/stupid photos :D

After that is was really time to catch some sleep!


After a very short night, we got up early to get some of the very nice breakfast and do the rest of the work on our booth.
Putting minis in the display cabinet and enter into the competition took us some time, but finally doors opened and lots of visitors came into the holy halls of the SMC to check out everything.
A short time later, Philip joined our booth to take some photos and catch some impressions of the event.

There were lots of retailers, hobby clubs and painting demonstrations by famous hobbyists like Adam Wilder, Jay Laverty, Luc Klinkers and Sander van der Does. So a lot of great stuff to check out :)
The competition was very nice and very good organized.

What I really liked at this event was the big area with all the hobby clubs working on their projects, giving little demonstrations and having a nice talk, really cool idea!

For us it was a very interesting day, too. A lot of interesting talk, showing some stuff and more talking :)

So, overall a very nice event, a lot of cool figures, vehicles and dioramas to see, a lot of nice people to meet and a very nice place to make such a event. Be sure to be there the next year!

Oh and the price ceremony was cool, too. Many of my friends came out with a happy face just like me. I won gold in Fantasy Master and gold in Fantasy Diorama. And it the and I even got a special creativity award :) Very cool!!! :)

Thanks again to the Scale Model Factory for inviting us, it was a great weekend!

Here are some more photos of Philip: LINK

Hope you liked this jungle report! Were you there too?
What was your impression? Tell us in the comment section!

Best wishes,


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