Passing birds Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Autumn arrives ... and with Autumn the summer is gone.

For me autumn always starts strange.
Melancholy, lack of powers and those awesome pictures in great colours the world is showing to us.
I do love Autumn, but in a different way than I love the summer.
Maybe because I know soon there are grey clouds rolling in bringing winter.
I do love winter, but in a different way than I love autumn ...   :)

I finally arrived home - somehow my soul was left behind between Hamburg and here, but I arrived as autumn arrived. And now I got a lot on my screen already. A lot of stuff to do and I am happy to do them in autumn as I do love autumn :)

Soon the second review of the Hamburg class is rolling in - I am already writing on that, photos all ready, mostly all :D - and after this the BANALICIOUS CONTEST will strike with way too much Thunder inside the Autumn and will bring party to your painting tables! Stay tuned - the final banner - the official one - the one that represents the contest is finally done too ...

Soon there will be more information revealed, but this all takes time, rules in english, rules in german, etc.
I am sorry that I said a date before. I did not know that my soul needed some time to travel back to me.

I haven't been much to the studio last week. Emails got me busy and without a soul the studios mood won't allow the muse to come to dance. But friday and yesterday there have been some moments where the muse sat down and whispered a soft and gentle "hello" to my soul ...

 In fact this Kong Fu is bananaliciously strange. I made a quick totally stupid base on Friday to put up a Space Marine and paint him in 2 hours. Totally stupid non-high-quality base but it has been needed to be quick. I just took some sandpaper and glued it to a gaming base with way too much superglue, then cut away the edges and after painted it will look like concrete - at least I do hope so :)

Great, not. 

I am home again ... with body and soul.
Traveling can really get outpowering ...

Oh yeah ... passing birds:

Keep on happy painting and read you soon with the second Workshop Review of Hamburg!


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