Stormtrooper fighting big evil rabbit!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


I want to show you another figure I have finished lately, BUT  I do not have the good quality photos for you that you are used to, BUT that has also a reason. I gave the figure to Michelle while staying at Hamburg for his awesome help at both the painting classes. He did not take part at all but helped whereever he could find something to help and believe me this guy can search - Many thanks to you again, Michelle!

Thank you for the photos of the Stormtroopers new home:

Btw. after the beast was slain by thunderous laser fire from the Stormtroopers Lasgun he went out of ammo. Luckily he just used torpidity ammo! After he realized that no ammo was left he was caught by some of the rabbits gang members and was locked away in a cage of high voltage future glass until their leader will awake and decide what will happen to this small fella ...

True Story, bro'!


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