Chaos cultist and the melancholy of fall.

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Time is running by these days, it's not funny anymore.
This week gone by so fast I didn't even realize it is already friday.
Our Indiegogo campaign really gives me a lot of stuff to do and apart from preparing photos and painting stickers I have to type a lot of mails, answer questions and check out all the sources for news etc...... ohhh while we're here.. we almost hit the 11k stretch! YOU are AWESOME!!!!!

I barely made it to the studio this week and so I brought some sculpting stuff to my home to finish some last touches on a actual project. Deadline is next week so I'm in a big hurry with this one :)

Yes, doing a lot of photo work for printing...

This is where I spent my days right now... In front of my monitor.
I have a black drape behind the blinds so no light comes in there for the sake of color correction.
It's a bit frustrating sitting in a almost dark corner for the whole day and outside it's cold... almost melancholic but the POWER of our supporters is my motor and this motor got some serious ENERGYS!!!! wuahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Apart from that I finally finished some new mini photos. As I didn't have much time and head for painting lately (apart from commissions) I only finished 1 mini. It's a chaos cultist from the new 40k box and he was painted just for fun.
The base was a little favor for Juweela to test our their new sandbags, really nice for faster projects :)
You can get them soon at PK-Pro!
So I hope you like this quick project, it was a lot of fun!
I wish everyone a nice weekend and a big monkey hug goes out to Roman who is in Vienna right now giving a painting class :)



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