Workshop Review - Hamburg, Germany 1

by Roman aka jar

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this little report is about the first painting class held in Hamburg, about 2 weeks ago.
In fact it was the 3rd class at this place overall but it is always very special to be at the Wu Dao Kung Fu school.

First of all before I will start with the regular review I want to say a massive thank you to Shifu Heiko who gives us the opportunity to have a class in his Kung Fu school "Wu Dao" in Hamburg. If you want to learn to master your Kung Fu and you live in Hamburg, you really have to visit this place.

Thank you very much, Heiko for your host and shelter, those 10 days have been truely awesome and not only because of the painting classes. It is great to see our friendship grow. Second massive thank you goes to Steffen and his family for 3 truely relaxing days after the this first painting class where I regained some energies. It was my pleasure to be your guest.
Another big thank you goes out to  everyone who participated in the class. Without the class would have been truely boring. And last but not least thanks to Raffa and Peter for their help with the getting the class organised and Raffa's help during the weekend. If you missed to check Forged Monkey at the class you can still do it here and get what you need. The last massive thank you goes out to Sockelmacher for providing the class with sockets and PK-Pro for providing additional basing material.

At this point another thank you to Micha and Florian for writing a Review about the class from their point of view:
Tuffskull's world 

and I heard rumors that you'll find one in english soon over at MaGie's miniatures, as we had two cool guests from the Netherlands.

Not to forget the cool review by Fabian:

Now to the painting class with full speed ...


Friday after the last Kung Fu lessons were done in the room we started to build up the place for a big painters camp. I was seriously sweating but Raffa helped me out with a tissue ...

Preparing everything else was a though task but we did not fail. Thanks to everyone for their massive amount of help and their kindness. We were ready to launch soon. At this point I want to drop a thank you again to Michelle who helped so much during both of the classes without even taking part. I owe you gratitude my friend. Thanks to Micha, Basti and Florian for providing additional photo material as I made myself four photos only.

After all was set up and everyone arrived safe it was time to start with some theory, mixed with practical exercises and this went deep into the night for some ...

Saturday arrived quick and the night was short due some truely good conversations and sunlight brought us all back to our figures. Theory about colours, practical work and priming was done in the early morning after we started with colours ... some impressions:


Saturday was pretty long, filled with painting, painting, painting ... and everyone was happy to find his bed late at night. Sunday approached again pretty quick and we went on painting and painting.

During midday we went outside to take the group photo of all participants and again we have been provided with Kung Fu weapons by Shifu Heiko to look epic. I have no idea if we achieved that :D

After that little relaxing break it was time again to paint.
And we did until the end of Sunday. Exhausted and with great results I saw the students leave - it was our joy to see your projects grow and a big pleasure to have you all with us during this weekend. Enjoy Painting whenever you can - take your time for it. Thanks to everyone for the help during the clean up ...

Somehow in all that hectic I am not sure anymore if we made a big figure table to take a shot of everyones figure. Oops! I did not find some but maybe I am blind as I am still kind of exhausted from those 10 beautiful days in Hamburg.

As it looks like we failed on those photos I will show you others instead. A little tradition Raffa and I pose during the night as great warriors, but truely Raffa won. I just had to look at him and couldn't stop laughing :D

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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