Our campaign and daily life?

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

I can't tell you how excited I am at the moment, this feels like a big rollercoaster ride with just enough calm moments to catch a breath.

At the moment as most of you know, we started our Indiegogo campaign for bringing you a nice Figure Artbook two days ago. Until now the feedback was really crazy, we already broke through our goal of $2.500 and actually reached the third stretch goal at $7.000.
We added some more stretch goals today because everything is just going very fast right now!

Right now for $35 you'll get:
- A Din A4 ~100 page, hardcover Artbook containing works of Roman and me.
- 4 different Massive Voodoo stickers, hard to get and one is exclusive for this campaign.
- A Din A5 ~30 page tutorial booklet
- A Din A5 ~30 page work in progress booklet
- Shipping included!

So I really recomment you to check the campaign out...
But enough "advertisement", I somehow have to write down something a little bit more personal about the campaign....

... It feels so crazy to suddenly have such a tsunami of work sweeping you off your feets... in a good way ;)

Calculating costs, making new graphics, calibrating monitors, searching and archieving high resolution photos of our works, removing dust and dirt in photoshop... and at the same time there is the everyday life, going in the studio and working on minis and commissions, cooking, watching "Breaking Bad" with my girl on the couch (and man this series is awesome!).

Today Roman left for his painting class in Vienna, for both of us this felt very odd.
Roman leaving is such times?
But hey because of that we cannot put all the other work on the side. Being professional can be very strange sometimes :D

I mean it's just the second day, but still it's a feeling so unknown!

Anyway, back to YOU!
At this point I want to shout out the biggest
for everyone out there reading our blog and supporting our campaign.

Without every single one of you, this would not happen. At all.
So my deepest bow to the monitor :)

Best wishes,


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