Defense of Athel Lorens and My Treasure

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Hey readers, 

after the weekend in Eindhoven at the Scale Model Challenge, I tanked a lot of motivation for my actual projects.. and now I want to show you two projects that I have built for the Golden Demon this year. I am not the biggest fan of Games Workshop, but I thought it would be good to try my best at their painting competition.. :D Finally I didn't win anything in the competition, but it's not a problem, I am quite happy with my painting results. It is always cool to win trophies, for an personal effort. But the most important is that you like what you do, and that your happy with what you do. I think in an other way you couldn't improve your skills, if your heart doesn't belong to what you do. 
Let's come to the important part now, some new pictures:)

The first project is called "Defense of Athel Lorens" and shows a wood elf unit. I started this unit two weeks before the GD. One week I had free, on this week I painted the most time of the day. But this was really exhausting.. and took away the fun of painting a bit. But now it is ready:) I think that's how a wood elf unit should look like (from the idea, not from my painting), with a lot of nature and a lot of colorful colours.. okey this sounds stupid now.. so on, here are the pictures:

And the second project. I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, I had to make a scene that shows Gollum and Frodo, two of the famous characters from this story. I entered it in the GD too, as duel, I thought what would happen if Frodo saw that Gollum threw away the elven bread at the steep stairs. And that scene shows what should have been happen.. :) The title of this scene is "My treasure" in German language, I wrote in German, because this words are often spelled in the movie. My treasure... :) 

So finally, I have enough painted GW miniatures for the next months, we will see if I make something for the next GD. There are so many good miniature companies out there, so I am very happy that I paint all figures and don't focus on any company. Let's see what time brings :)

Thanks for answers, comments and votes ;)

Best regards Oli


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