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The jungle family is changing a bit during the last and the next couple of days. Yvonne aka Vhaidra left the jungle due some private reasons and as sad as this is the life in the jungle got its own clock that ticks and ticks...

There is now another member addition information to the jungle that is really important for me personally. This time it won't be an Ape in the upper bar, it will be something wise, white and bright (still on the search for her pic) - it is about Palak, a cool lady from India. She used to have blog where she writes her thoughts. Her thoughts that are very intense and easily show you that everyday's good if you take it like it is... i really loved to read in her blog. Unfortanelty the time of writing was over and she started her actuel new blog whitecircles
where she shows a lot more of her artistic nature and inspirational powers...

After some nice conversations during the last year and the fact that i miss her blog i did ask her if she would join up with the jungle to bomb her thoughts into the jungle when she is in the mood... please welcome: Palak :)

The Updates around the Profiles and the images will be done soon i guess...


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