WIP and Kong Fu...

by Roman aka jar

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Sometimes i have moments that become days where all my muse and motivation seems so far away. Those days come and sometimes they become weeks. I am thankful to everyone who is patient with me and my energys and my way of connecting with the Muse. I am used to these moments now, but it took hard training, sure I say that i don't like them when they are there, but in the end i always know that there is a path out of this dark valley of nothing... walking into the light and further in the skies to kiss the muse and get wings...

Walking out of this Valley always gives me a look on project i got to finish, comissions I still work on and - thanks again to all your patience out there - can do it when the time is ready. But when is the time ready? I don't know it and I don't want to become this thought a heavy thought. So many thanks to all of you to be patient with me and accept my delay. There will be the day. Those days in bright light doing what you exactly are waiting for... I am just getting older and slower i guess. Not the crazy one day/one miniature jarhead-guy, slowly becoming patient and more connected with the muse when she strikes ... no heavy thoughts in my mind... just doing happy painting! A view in the future... the past is soon rolled up :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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