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As some of the old jungle visitors might know, there is a project taking its time on my workbench. I'll do Pegaso's Arkvenger as a comission piece and also write a step by step article about him, when he is finished. I am not sure if all of you might remember this one and as we got a lot of new folks around here i try to collect everything together so far - here you go:

Miniature Unpacked - Arkvenger
How to prepare a metal miniature
Prepared Arkvenger photo

Primed Arkvenger version 1.0
First colour sketch to find my way into the model
How to strip a miniature from Colour


The Tutorial also starts in Italian over on Legio Pictorium

A little conversion on the head is done, first colours up and i got plans of the base

This all happened in about one year - it seems i really had my problems finding a visions for this model i want to catch. I will write the Tutorial together when i am finished, but i keep track in here - so don't you say goodbye to the Arkvenger, he says hello :)

Something is happening on him again and i really found fun on him the last couple of days again...  here are some photos and a little briefing on what i have done after the last Work in Progress shot done somewhere in August, i guess...

 Last WIP shot

 As i really got inspired by using Oil colours for the future together with all my acrylic skills i just fell in love with the Arky again. It really struck me so it is always the same - there comes the time and a neverending try of progress, experiments and improvement will find it...

I wasn't really sure about what to do on him so i started working on his skin with some Oil Colours up on the acrylic basic you can see above, therefore i have used different skin tones from different manufacturers (i am in testing mode) and some Indian Red and a bit of Burnt Umbra in the shadows. This is just the beginning and i let this basic dry now. I also worked my way to green - i feel green on him... somehow a kind of Aztec god or Megamarine from the USMC in the year 2342, whatever, i love painting on him and using Oil Colours make a lot of fun and you get your deserved breaks on your miniatures because it has to dry for some days - so there you can switch around in your WIPs with a reason... love it!

I've used Vallejo Model's Air Colour 71020, German Green for the main colour on the greens. I did put in some Enchanted blue or Hawk Tourquise to keep it intresting on different materials, still basic. I used several thin glazes of these colours on the head-thing, which i guess will become a crown, for making it look like intresting material... i am planning some gold on him, as i would love to call him Ra, haha... you see fun is back - here are the photos in historical order while he is drying... next will be attention to the skin and then working out the details on the greens and everywhere else...

Actual State of Work:

So far from the Arky...

Keep on happy painting!
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