Mu 11 - Nubian Guardian bust, SK-Miniatures, 200 mm

by Roman aka jar

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This Miniature Unpacked is done about the already seen Nubian Guardian bust i am painting at the moment. The model comes from SK-Miniatures and is sculpted by Carl Reid in 200 mm, who did a fantastic job. The promo paintjob is done by Song-Eon Lee whose skills i admire very deeply.

As i plan this bust as a Christmas gift to my parents i was really excited when the model arrived. It looked like this when it arrived(click to enlarge like always):

The price is not low, but you really get a high quality sculpt which looks incredible real and alive for your money - so from my side it is truely worth every penny. Opening the box made me a bit unhappy as the parts where somehow loose in the box. There was foam for sure but it didn't help to make everything lay tight.

Looking at the parts which are included in the box makes this bust even more enjoyable. The torso and head do come as one part. Here is a list of the parts that are waiting for you in the box:

1x torso with head
1x right arm
1x right hand holding the sword
1x gun
1x knife 

Taking a closer look on the resin cast i fast realized there will be hard work ahead. There is a lot to clean up from the production process and this makes this bust not really easy. For example i really had some hard fights with some mould lines, also i had to recut a clean connection between the face and his turban. These minor spots really are sad, but the face made it all good for me. The overall quality is well, but far from perfect.

I truely fell in love with the sculpt and love to bring paint on him, but i really got to say that cleaning and preparing up this fella was not an easy task. So keep this in mind when you get hold of one - whatever, it is a great piece. Here are some more shots of the assembled model:

As mentioned i've already started painting him. I will try to stay close to the box art as Christmas is rolling in as fast as snow falls here in germany. Here is an early Work in Progress shot of the bust:

I hope you like this Miniature Unpacked and hope to see some painted versions of this guy around someday. This face is so stunning...

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