Workshop Review - Graz, Austria

by Roman aka jar

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"Get to the CCHHHOOOPPPPPPAAA - it's the only way ooouuuuuddd!"

... describes this weekend best. We had been on the road to a Painting Class to Graz in Austria. Graz really became a second home to me after i found some great friends there. Happy Painting Spirit is high in Graz and every monday there is a fixed painter's meeting at Roberts so it was easy to Raffa and me to really look forward to our stay. As Raffa and me walked through Robert's door there was a big small surprise in a box - our beloved monkey brother mati was also there, he came the long way from Berlin to enjoy some days with us. Many, many thanks to all those great austrian guys for coming up with such a surprise and all their help during this wonderful weekend. I owe you a big debt of gratitude!

Thanks to my buddy Raffa for being David Hasselhoff at the wheel on K.I.T.T., I always feel very secure when traveling with you and you are the man of endless energy forever. Big thanks to all the participants who took part in the class and walked their paths of indivdiual destiny during the class. This time it was a really, really relaxed class with great results for one weekend and a lot of theory blabla... BUT, Raffa did some great photos and before i do too much blabla on and on i've decided to let those photos tell the story... i hope you enjoy - Beginner's Painting Class in Graz, December 2010:


Many thanks - it was a great weekend with wonderful people and a big bag of Happy Painting - thanks to you all :)

I am really looking forward to have another class in Graz in the future - it is always my honour to spent time there... Keep on happy painting!

Best Regards

PS: Please don't contact me at the moment about planning some more classes - at the moment i am totally in organizing some and don't find the time to have much email traffic beside my daily amount. If you are intrested in a class at your place somewhere over the planet please let me know about it in March, that is when the next planning session starts and i got to get my butt up to finally launch my first english talking class in Poland in the early year of 2011... much to do, would be great to hear from you in March :)


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