The Kiss of the Muse

by Raffa

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeey everyone!

Finally the painting muse kissed me again... for weeks i was in a valley of painting demotivation....
Yesterday i had a push of motivation and started painting again and it was soooo much fun, color went where i wanted it and miniatures morphed into images from my head.

Here's a song i really really like when painting :)

Ok, now some pictures!
First is a mini i painted for a friend, it's a pretty fast paintjob (around 3 hours) but i think he will be very happy when he receives the mini :)
On the weekend in Graz i finished two miniatures... one was Rose from Hasslefree (my favorite mini :) )

The other mini was ... guess what... a deamonette :D
I converted her a little bit with hands from the Mantic Games Ghouls, acupuncture needles and watch parts.....

Queen of the Clockwork Desert

And finally, two work in progress minis....

Captain America 2.0

Nurgle Marine

I hope you like the stuff! :)



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